Did you know I write songs to order!?! Any age, any occasion. Here's an example of a birthday song I wrote and did a video for recently. It makes a memorable and one of a kind gift. 

Wowsies! Mister Mojo's Very Own Store?

Yes, it's true! You can now pay a visit to Mister Mojo's very own virtual cornerstone at

What can you get there, you ask? Well, all kinds of wonderful Mojo gear and merch with a variety of cool designs. Stay tuned in the next two weeks for more news and updates...  and check out what's in the store right now by clicking the button below!

Click below to watch some new holiday videos I created. 

Concert Friday May 8

Instagram and Facebook live

Join us this Friday for a fun afternoon of music for families on @MorienJones Instagram and Facebook live. Playing favourites and some new songs too! Also taking requests. Show start at 2pm PST. Lets have fun!

Hey hey hey all you wonderful, music loving people. Working on booking a spring tour through central BC and possibly Alberta. Stay tuned!

Did you know that you can listen to as much Mister Mojo as you want online??? Check it out on Apple Music and on Spotify


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